One of our primary purposes here at Team United is to provide a simple and duplicatable process to help YOU to be able to better develop YOUR team.

This portion of the website is designed to provide the basic building blocks of WHY, WHO, and HOW. The Team United Action Sheet is the CORE of the WHY, WHO, and HOW. It is critically important, that all team members complete their Action Sheet within their first 24-48 with their sponsor and/or active upline. 

While the details and advanced teachings will come over time, It is best for each team member to learn these basics first! Team members can climb the entire compensation plan simply by mastering these basics and doing them over and over….


Step 1 :           Complete action sheet 

Step 2 :            Get Engaged

Step 3 :            Invite <> Share <> Connect

Step 4 :            Follow up and attempt to CLOSE

Step 5 :            REPEAT Steps 2-4



Before we start detailed training on each step, it is vitally important to understand that the Pacesetter Achievement is not just a recognition piece. It is strategically designed to benefit those who are ready run fast right of the gate. By simply focusing on hitting this ONE goal >>> Obtaining 3 new members in your first 14 days <<< you could literally transform your entire life!!! 

This is THE CLUB that all members want to be in >>>> EVERY Team members first Goal is make the Pacesetter Club. To achieve Pacesetter, a Team Member needs to enroll a minimum of 3 new team members in their first 14 days from enrollment, by doing this >>> they are “Setting the Pace”. 


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Action Sheet Tutorial 2




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